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How to use this Forum

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2009 4:07 pm
by Tony Hare
If forums are new to you, here a few tips to get you started.

Benefits of Registration:
You will be able to post or reply to topics.
You will be able to view the list of old boys already registered
How to register
When you click the link to register you will be taken to a page where you must agree to the terms & conditions of use and also answer a question about the school which we hope only old boys will know the answer to (see the post that immediately follows this one for further details of this 'entrance exam').

On the next page you will choose a Username. Please use the name you are generally known by, forename/nick name surname, e.g. Tony Hare, Boss Tucker etc. (Spaces are acceptable). Anonymity is not permitted in this forum.

Enter your usual email address. We will need this to confirm your registration. Your email address wil not appear anywhere in the forums.

Enter and confirm your chosen password. Note that your password will be known only by you - Administrators cannot see or change it - so don't forget it. But if you do, let us know and we'll enable you to get back in and re-set it.

Type the displayed Confirmation Code.
An email will then be sent to the address you provided. Follow the confirmation instructions and you will then be able to Login to the forum.

Editing your Profile, Email, Password:-
Click on "User Control Panel" then "Profile" tab
Edit Signature:
Here you can enter any text to be shown at the bottom of every message you post. This could be a short narrative saying when you attended RGS, your career to date, special interests, present circumstances etc
Edit avatar:
You can upload your own avatar from any image, photo, animation, etc from your machine (as long as it is within the limits shown) or, if you ask nicely, we can create one from your old school photo.
Edit account settings:
You can change your email or password here.
You will receive an email confirmation when this is complete.

Post a NewTopic
Enter the relevant forum from the Board Index page and click the NEWTOPIC tab. Type a descriptive title for the new topic which will instantly indicate the contents of the post.

Type your message. If you want to format any word(s) highlight the word then select the formatting required. You can also insert smilies :roll: . Click the Preview button to see how the formatting will look. The Preview will appear above your message. If you're not happy with it go back down to the Edit panel and make your changes.
Click the Submit button to finish. Note you can select any options required, be notified by email when a reply is posted.

Want to Edit your post? If after posting the message you decide you want to change anything, click on the Edit button.
Want to Delete your post? If you have second thoughts after posting your message click the button with the small black X to delete your post.

Reply to a Topic
Click the POSTREPLY button and type your reply.
If you want to quote any part of the original post highlight that part and click the “QUOTE button instead.

Miscellaneous Tips
Reading the posts
To read the latest posts, click on the link "View Active Posts" to open the page showing the latest posts in date/time order. (You might like to bookmark this page so the forums open in this view each time you visit)
Note that each page consists of a maximum of 10 posts so newer posts will overflow onto a second (or more) pages.

Re: How to use this Forum

Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 12:33 pm
by John Saunders
Just to clarify and reiterate a point already made above...

Registration is not automatic following application to join the forum. Once you've answered the 'entrance exam' (a question designed to test your knowledge of the RGS, hence qualify you as a bona fide old boy), a message is sent to the admin staff who have to confirm the registration.

Re the 'entrance exam': an RGS-related question which OWs of a certain vintage should be expected to know the answer to without difficulty, but others would be unlikely to know.

Most of these questions relate to 'inside info' about well-known masters' nicknames, what they taught, etc. My guess is that OWs of the 1950s and 1960s will score 100% on them but it is possible that a few of the questions may stump those from the 1940s (and earlier) or 1970s (and later). If they cause undue difficulty, please let me know by email and I will facilitate registration manually.

Note that a correct answer to a question does not lead to immediate entry to the forum. New user registrations have to be checked and activated by an administrator (i.e. Tony Hare or me) as before.

If your registration hasn't been processed within, say, 4/5 days, please feel free to send a follow-up email to me (john at saund dot co dot uk - I'm putting it in that format to baffle the cyber-rogues who use software to steal email addresses and then send spam), asking me what's happening.

Please use your real forename and surname (or nickname and surname) as your forum identifier.

Re: How to use this Forum

Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2014 6:30 pm
by John Saunders
On 30 October 2014, I upgraded the underlying forum software to a new version, which is designed to work better for those of us who use smart phones and tablets. Otherwise the change should be cosmetic only. Any problems, please report them to me and I will endeavour to help.