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Old School Photos and Memorabilia

"olim meminisse iuvabit"*

This website was set up by John Saunders (RGS 1963-70) to display old school photos from RGS High Wycombe from my era at the school and then try to identify all the people in them, with a little help from my friends. If you can help with identification or correct errors,

The website has subsequently expanded to feature a lot more besides photos, with scans of school magazines (both official and unofficial), school lists ("grey books"), lists of masters at the school from its foundation to the 1970s, the school honours board, school history, etc. Click on the link to Other Memorabilia, below left, to see the range of items available here. If you have any RGS memorabilia you would like to see included here, please get in touch.

I was inspired by the website of Tony Hare, who did the same for the school photo of 1956. Tony also features lots more besides photos. Other useful RGS-related sites include the official school website, Old Boys' blog and RGS on Wikipedia.

Another way to enjoy photos and images connected with the RGS is to join 'Memories: RGS High Wycombe', which is a Flickr group which I have set up featuring hundreds of photos and images of the school and people connected with it, where you can post your own images and comments directly. There is also an RGS Old Photo Forum where you can register for free to discuss photos or anything to do with the RGS. I am interested in the history of the school and I have placed some of my findings on the forum, so it may be worth a browse.

I'm indebted to a long list of people for helping to identify faces in the photos and offering encouragement.

I send a (very) occasional circular email to contributors to let them know when the site is updated. If anybody else would like to be added to this email list, please let me know your email address. If you can help identify a few more faces, so much the better (but it is not compulsory). Keep in touch, John Saunders -

This website is dedicated to my late mother - a one-woman grammar school
when it came to educating and motivating her children.

* "one day it will help to have remembered..." - the school's one and only 'old girl' Helena Anne Ellis
quoting from Vergil's Aeneid in the May 1961 Wycombiensian, page 31 (137)


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